Top 15 Applications That Solve Your Everyday Problems

Olga Butyrina
Olga Butyrina
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Statista reports that Google Play offers 2.56 million mobile apps for Android users, while iOS devotees have access to 1.85 million apps in the App Store. These numbers translate to a wide choice for consumers and a high competition for business owners struggling for downloads. One proven strategy to win this competition to gain customers is to turn your application into a solution. 

Most successful products are very efficient painkillers. To have a great business idea, you first need to find a problem worth solving,

said Mark McDonald, co-founder of Appster.

This guide will look at everyday problem-solving apps that have made life easier for users, earning their rightful place in smartphones.


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    1. I Can't Wake Up!: Difficult Awakening

    Most people hit the snooze button when they hear the alarm go off to get extra sleep minutes. This is a common reason people must get ready in a hurry and are late. This application solves problems of heavy sleepers. To turn off the alarm, they will have to complete one of 8 tasks, be it a math sum, rewriting a text, finding a pair for a word, and so on—such stimulation guarantees to wake up the brain.

    2. Forest: Focus of attention

    60-80% of employees are distracted by social media while working. The Seekrtech founders decided to hire ios application developers and Android engineers to solve these distractions and procrastination issues. They created an app where users can grow a virtual tree or even a whole forest. For this purpose, they must keep the app open and not switch to social media. Their virtual coins are donated to the Trees as a fund for planting real trees. Thus, the user maintains focus in the workplace and contributes to a greener planet.

    3. Tab: Splitting a Bill

    Splitting a bill at a bar or cafe is one of those small problems almost everyone faces. Tab is its innovative solution. Now users can take a picture of the receipt, and the app will read it and display all the items on the screen. After that, the user and their companions just need to choose their ordered food and drinks. Tab will calculate the cost, tax, and tip for each person automatically. 

    4.  Gratitude Journal: Fighting Depression

    This highly-rated app on the App Store and Google Play helps cope with depression, apathy, and anxiety in everyday life. It invites users to take notes with gratitude in an online journal and focus on only the positive aspects of each day. Besides, the user receives Daily Zens, instilling self-love, and motivating not to give up no matter what complications exist. 

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    5. Drunk Locker: Avoiding Awkwardness

    This app resulted from a forward-looking and caring person hiring android app developers to help people avoid awkward situations in the morning after a party. The application allows users to block all social networks when a little tipsy. It saves them from unnecessary calls, text messages, and posting photos that could undermine their reputation.

    6. Flush: Finding Restrooms

    This app solves a problem of millions of tourists and people who have found themselves in unfamiliar places. They no longer have to look for latrines at random or hesitate to seek help from strangers. Now they just need to open the app and get information about all the restrooms nearby, including those that require a key or an entrance fee and are suitable for people with disabilities. 

    7. Pact: Fighting Laziness

    If a person cannot make themselves lead a healthy lifestyle, this app will fix this issue with a financial incentive. Users draw up a plan for exercise and nutrition for a week, indicate the amount they will part with if they fail, connect with their fitness tracker or smartwatch, and share photos of their meals and workouts. Diligent users can get money from those who violate the regime. 

    8. Bills Monitor: Overdue Invoices

    This is one of the apps that solve problems of forgetful payers. It prompts users to log their bills, after which they can control the calendar of bills, receive payment reminders, and mark partial or full payments. As a bonus, the Bills Monitor design includes icons for each account category for easy use and management. 

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    9. Kwit: Quitting smoking

    Kwit belongs to quirky apps and involves the user in problem-solving through a game. Each day without smoking any cigarettes takes them to a new level and brings additional points. The app helps avoid relapses and provides helpful tips and encouraging messages. For extra motivation, Kwit counts how much money you saved, how many cigarettes you didn't smoke, and how much you extended your life.

    10. LastPass: Passwords Loss

    Using one password for all accounts is insecure, while unique ones are easily forgotten or lost. LastPass is an app that solves everyday problems of remembering, searching, and guessing the right passwords. It stores them all in one encrypted vault and enters them as soon as you try to log into the chosen account. Entrance to LastPass is possible through the Touch ID function.

    11. Think Dirty: Checking the Сomposition 

    Consumer fraud is a world problem. Manufacturers often label cosmetics and personal care products as organic or all-natural, but in fact, they may contain harmful or toxic ingredients that have adverse health effects. Think Dirty app allows users to scan a barcode, get a detailed breakdown of components, learn about their safe alternatives, and make the consumption conscious. Its database contains over 850,000 products, but you can always add new ones and contribute to the fight against dirty products.

    12. Waze: Traffic Jams

    Waze helps users get from A to B, bypassing traffic jams. This application provides information on traffic, accidents, and construction as soon as you have chosen a route and offers you detour options. When developing a custom mobile app, the creators took into account drivers' desire to listen to music on the road and refuel along the way. Therefore, Waze syncs with your music app and prompts stations with the cheapest gas on your route.

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    13. Clean My House: Cleaning Schedule

    Clean My House is an excellent example of an app that solves everyday problems of home and apartment owners. It creates a cleaning schedule and distributes tasks by day. Thanks to it, the user does not get overwhelmed with homework on their day off. The app contains categories according to the rooms in the home, allows adding tasks, sends reminders, and measures the time spent on each cleaning assignment. Thus, the user rationally allocates time and effort.

    14. Medisafe: Timely Medication

    Medisafe allows users to manually enter names, schedules, and dosages of medications or import their hospitals' prescriptions. After that, the app draws up a daily schedule and sends push-notifications for each medication intake. The user can sync applications with family members, and they will receive notifications every time a patient forgets to take their medicine. Thus, Medisafe allows you to take care of loved ones even at a distance. Also, the app generates a progress report that can be sent directly to the attending physician in PDF format.

    15. Doctor On Demand: Doctor's Appointment

    This app is an effective solution for users who don't want to get out of bed sick or don't have time to travel to appointments. Doctor On Demand allows contacting a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist online to talk about symptoms, provide a medical history, and get expert advice and a treatment plan. All specialists are licensed and have a high patient rating. Services are available with or without insurance, and the price is announced before users confirm the reception.  


    Technologies are designed to simplify life, and therefore users are willing to download applications that solve their particular problem. Be attentive to your customers and understand their needs to come up with a worthwhile idea. Enlist the support of the professional technical team to make it happen. 

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