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You have a product idea, a concept, and you can't wait to get started. But the question arises, which is better: hire a team or use the services of an individual? Profitability largely determines business performance. Likewise, product development must be economically sound. In many cases, hiring a dedicated team is a more beneficial and reliable way to create a website.

A dedicated project building team is considered as one of the most popular engagement patterns in the software development world because it is highly adaptable to the varied needs of businesses of all sizes. A successful product launch is not only about creating a sound system but also an effective marketing campaign. Therefore, another significant advantage of a dedicated team is that you get qualified specialists that can meet all the requirements and peculiarities of the project

But, it is not enough to hire just a good team; it is essential to understand its structure. Let's say you want to add additional functionality. You need to know how it fits into the business logic, create an appropriate design, write code, and thoroughly test the finished functionality. Knowing all the team’s roles and who is responsible for what, you significantly save time on communications. You can also effectively configure and manage the process of building the website.

Team size matters. The highest productivity is achieved when the team has from 4 to 7 members. And this is another reason why it is important to understand structure and roles. By knowing who is focusing on what, you can build the most fruitful team that is 100% aligned with project goals.

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    Website Development Team Structure at KeyUA

    In 2020, custom web development is about more than just generating code. This process covers various stages and needs specialists from diverse fields. The successful launch of a project on a direct basis is associated with high-quality design and successful marketing.

    75% of website credibility comes from design (Independent Studies)

    A capable web development team consists of more than just technical professionals. Outsourcing companies offer various interaction models. For example, reliable organizations with extensive practice provide specialists in all areas, from development to promotion. At the same time, younger IT firms employ only a few technical specialists. Using the example of KeyUA, we will show you what specialists make up a strong and experienced team.

    software development team structure

    Here is an approximate software development team structure to ensure an efficient development process and, eventually, quality product.

    Our team is divided into two independent units that closely cooperate: the tech and marketing specialists. The technical team focuses on building software, while the marketing team's task is to create useful tools to popularize the product and attract more customers. KeyUA’s tech team has the following staff:

    • Project manager

    • UI/UX Designer

    • Web Developers

    • QA Engineer

    Below we will describe in more detail the roles and responsibilities of each member to understand how effectively each affects the project delivery.

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    Project Manager

    role of project manager in web development team

    Product development cannot exist without a project manager who keeps abreast of all developmental processes.

    Project Manager is one of the critical roles in web development companies. They are the link between the customer and all other members, managing communications at all stages, collecting requirements, forming tasks, prioritizing them, and keeping track of deadlines. The project manager is responsible for drawing up the project plan that must be completed to release the product. They divide the entire volume into one-week or two-week-long sprints. Within these terms, the team must complete the functionality and release it to the test environment for review. The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the product meets the client's requirements.

    At KeyUA, we focus on project Agile management methodology. It allows you to demonstrate the system’s functionality during the development process, rather than waiting for the full release of the product. It also provides a transparent approach when building websites.

    Additionally, the project manager is always in touch with the client. If the client has any questions, ideas, or new tasks, they discuss it all with the project manager rather than looking for different team members who could implement it. Such an approach saves a lot of time on communications and ensures 100% compliance with the requirements.

    UI/UX Designer

    role of ui/ux designer in web development team

    The UI/UX designer ensures excellent customer experience and smooth user interaction with the application

    Designers do not just create website page templates; they build an image of a product's user to help the target audience solve urgent problems. Why is this so important? Because quality UI/UX attracts more users and increases brand credibility.

    89% of consumers begin doing business with a competitor due to poor user experience (Oracle). The UX/UI designer’s goal is to create the look of the product that best suits the needs of users. Another essential function of these specialists is the creation of the information architecture of the project. In other words, make decisions on how the vital data will be reflected on the website and how best to present it. In addition, designers must explain how the product's functions should be implemented. Good UX and UI specialists can create proper sales funnels on pages that motivate users to make more purchases.

    Usually, one UI/UX designer is enough in the web development team structure to create a well-thought-out interface. At KeyUA, we have only real professionals. They have a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which allows them to create interfaces easily implementable from the technical side.

    Web Developers

    role of web developer in web development team

    Web developers (frontend, backend, or full-stack) ensure clean code and tech specs compliances to deliver a competitive and quality end product.

    Web developers bring design and project ideas to life. They set up the server, build code, connect the database, and put it all together into a running application. Web developers divide into two main types: those who create the frontend (everything that the user sees on the screen) and those who create the backend (this is the main functionality of the system). Lots of software development teams have full-stack developers - specialists who can build both backend and frontend.

    Web developers make the product highly efficient and scalable. Depending on the project’s size and goals, the team may expand, and their roles subdivided into a team lead, architects, engineers, ordinary specialists, and so on.

    Another important task of web developers is to maintain and modernize the website’s functionality in the post-release period. They make sure that the site is functioning well even when the leading development is finished. A web developer, together with a project manager, can also analyze project requirements and provide technical conclusions.

    Frontend developer

    Backend developer

    Full-Stack developer

    enhances the speed and scalability of the app’s performance

    integrates user-facing components to server-side elements

    develops databases and servers for the web app’s functionality

    identifies the design and structure of web pages

    conducts UI testing

    designs UI features on the web apps

    guarantees the optimization of web design in smartphones

    sets up technical requirements

    participates in web design features development

    develops features for mobile use

    develops SQL Server Databases

    develops APIs

    generates prototypes and mockups

    determines data protection and security measures

    responsible for technical and customer needs


    ensures app’s responsiveness

    Our developers have extensive experience using Python, PHP, React JS, Angular JS, and other popular programming languages to build websites and their frameworks. For over 12 years, they have created unique and effective online products for various industries’ needs.

    QA Engineer

    role of qa engineer in web development team

    Besides performing these tasks, QA specialists work closely with web developers to eliminate bugs timely and efficiently.

    The final specialist in the powerful web team is a QA engineer. Their job is to test the product, make sure it meets the specifications, and find bugs or incorrect functionality before the website is available to users. A website development team is a holistic organism that will not function effectively without all of the above members. Quality assurance professionals are no exception. They also conduct part of the project documentation, namely, create test cases, test plans, test scripts, and so on, which allow them to check the entire system effectively.

    As web developers, the testing team can be scaled based on the needs of the product. For small and medium projects, one specialist is enough, while large developments may require a team consisting of a QA Lead, QA engineers, and testers who check different parts of the system.

    There are two types of testing: manual and automatic. Automatic is more complex and requires higher qualifications since it consists of writing code that will test the system. Naturally, it is a reliable check of functionality, but it is impossible to eliminate manual testing. Manual site checking takes place as a separate approach, which can cover all website functions, but takes more time than the automatic test.

    Our structure of a web development team consists of real professionals and IT talents who can accept challenges of any complexity and produce a powerful website. Want to make a first-class product? We can handle it!

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    Digital Marketing Team Structure

    The second critical unit of the website developers team is the non-technical specialists responsible for promoting the product. They are especially vital if you are building a website from scratch. Digital marketing allows you to increase brand awareness, demonstrate the competitive advantages of the product, grow the flow of customers, and motivate them to make more purchases. It is an essential tool that contributes to the successful launch of the product to the market. An effective digital marketing team consists of at least three specialists:

    • Marketing Strategist

    • SEO Specialist

    • Content Writer

    Marketing Strategist

    role of marketing strategist in web development team

    The marketing strategist is responsible for the product going live. They gain an audience, meet their needs, ensure the product’s competitiveness, and guarantee overall satisfaction.

    The marketing strategist’s main task is to generate a product promotion strategy that will satisfy all the customer's business goals. Everything they do is to attract a larger audience to the website and motivate users to perform specific actions. In this sense, a marketing strategist’s work is a bit related to a project manager, since they both analyze requirements and ensure the achievement of the company's vital goals.

    The development strategy of each brand is unique and based on its target audience. Strategists conduct a thorough market analysis to identify the portrait of the product's user, analyze the competitors, and develop ways to present the website from the best sides. The success of a product on the market is also largely determined by the chosen promotion strategy.

    SEO Specialist

    role of seo specialist in web development team

    Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool that requires SEO specialists to continually change the strategy for the maximization of traffic.

    Another irreplaceable team member is the Search Engine Optimization expert. Their task is to attract the target audience to the site utilizing promotion in search engines. The SEO specialist performs the following primary duties:

    • research of keywords required for use on the site;

    • analysis of product traffic and related indicators;

    • optimization of a website to meet the requirements of search engines;

    • cooperate with designers and content writers to prepare unique and useful information for posting on the site;

    • analyze the market and identify competitors, their strengths and weaknesses and the chosen promotion strategy;

    To effectively promote a website, it is enough to have one SEO specialist on a team.

    Content Writer

    role of content writer in web development team

    The content writer plays an integral part in fulfilling SEO plans and strategies.

    Modern websites require not only posting related information but also having useful content. This is especially true for blogs with tips, lifehacks, and review articles that help to increase brand credibility. High-quality and optimized content contributes to the promotion of the product. That is why a successful website team must contain a content writer. They work in tandem with SEO specialists and UX/UI designers to visualize the site and optimize it for the search engines. Content writers create informational publications for blogs and third-party resources to attract users to the site and compose data for all pages of the website.

    Depending on the project scale, the team of content writers may contain several specialists, but for small projects, one writer is enough.

    It is important to assign roles in a web development team and select the appropriate staff to create and launch a product successfully. Even a small team of skilled professionals can achieve significant results. At KeyUA, we form advanced teams in accordance with the goals of the project and select specialists based on business requirements. If desired, the client can choose those members that he likes the most.

    Meet out our team of professionals that can qualitatively deliver your project.

    Time is money, and we know how essential it is to deliver a product with set time frames and quickly outperform competitors. Create your project with reliable web development specialists from KeyUA.

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